RCF1 Cooler Unit - Horizontal Position

Code: 1900.3005

- Capacity of the pump(flow): 10 L/min
- Capacity of the pump(pressure): 4,40m
- Capacity of the tank: 4 L
- Voltage: 220V one-phase

Technical Data:

- Equipment specially designed for cooling MIG / MAG torches, TIG manual, mechanized and automated;
- Equipped with brass pump with superior performance in the cooling system;
- Security system that prevents the operation with low-water fluid; (Flow - Optional Code 19.090.004);
- It can be attached to any machine through few adjustments or through the single-phase 220V power output from the welding machine;
- Voltage: 220V one-phase / frequency 50 - 60 Hz;
- Capacity of the pump(flow): 10 L/min (Qmax);
- Capacity of the pump (pressure): 4,40m (Hmax);
- Capacity of the tank: 4L.



- Portable
- Brass pump
- Easy maintenance


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