Realcut 85 Plasma Cutting Machine

Code: 1924.4000 - (220V) - 1924.4001 (380V)

High-technology inverter plasma cutting machine for cutting metals using compressed air and electric power.

- Duty Cycle: 70A-40% | 45A-100%
- Recommended Cut: 25mm
- Maximum Cut: 32mm
- Sever Cut: 38mm
- Light and Medium Services

- Power supply: 220 or 380V three-phase


- Plasma cutting equipment with inverter technology, ready for heavy duty applications, for manual and mechanized cuts;

- Equipped with DIGITAL compressed air pressure control systems, to optimize consumables life and to determine minimum and maximum gas pressure;

- Easy operating equipment with great security to the end users;

- The REALCUT Plasma cutting source is ready for use, equipped with the Suplasma 100 torch and earth cable, both fast coupling, which facilitates the assembly and disassembly of the equipment set;

- The REALCUT line uses the Suplasma 100 Torch manufactured in Brazil, with excellent cost-benefit of consumables.

Performance (Manual Cutting in Carbon Steel):
- Recommended Cut: 25mm
- Maximum Cut: 32mm
- Sever Cut: 38mm


- Inverter - Energy Saving

- Portable

- Electronic Control - Air Pressure

- Automation - CNC Cutting

- Easy Maintenance

- Light and Medium Duties

Caracteristicas Tecnicas

Mean Air Pressure  
Average Compressed Air Flow  
Cut Separation  
Degree of Protection (IP)  
Dimensions (W x H x D)  
Frequency 50 / 60 Hz
Maximum Cut  
Phases Trifásica
Power Supply Voltage 220V ou 380V
Recommended Cut  
Work Cycle (Amperage -%)  

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