Intellimig 500 Intelligent Welding Machine

Code: *Equipment in pre-sale period. Contact us at to check availability.

Intelligent Welding Machine!
Brazilian Technology Made in Brazil - Defective Weld Rework Costs Before and After Sale

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Intelligent MIG/MAG Welding Machine. Brazilian technology, made in Brazil.
* Equipment in pre-sale period. Contact us at to check availability.

Sumig Intellimig 500 equipment provides excellent arc quality and low spatter incidence. Connects to the Intellimig portal allowing complete welding management. Each welded part can be tracked and the process controlled through maximum and minimum parameters.


- WiFi connection with the Portal;
- Configurable welding parameters lock;
- Possibility of 99 configurable users with password;
- 32 memory channels for storing welding programs;
- Fully digital and programmable;
- High performance processor with excellent arc stability and lower spatter incidence;
- Welding process control through minimum and maximum parameters;
- Data traceability through the Portal;
- Digital and intuitive display, in Portuguese language;
- Intelligent control that monitors and controls welding parameters.

- Connectivity - Intellimig Portal
- Efficiency – Production - Integration
- 100% Brazilian Technology
- Energy Saving
- Patent Required

The Sumig Intellimig 500 helps preventing welding production errors by reducing rework and future recall or service expenses by ensuring our customers' brand integrity.

For complete management of the company's welding industry, the equipment can be used with the Intellimig Portal.
The Intellimig Portal is a web platform that can be accessed by any device connected to the internet. It is possible to access all information regarding the welding process in real time.

- Remote Management: Allows you to manage factory, departments, equipment and welders through internet access.
- Registration and Control: Monitoring the efficiency and productivity of each welder or equipment.
- Performance and Cost Reports: The system provides various reports such as open arc time, process failures and actual cost data for each weld.
- Traceability: Possible to identify the weld history (operator identity and parameters used) through scientific graphs.

Information are stored on a fully secure and reliable server.

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