Fume Extraction Manual SU 265 MIG/MAG Torch


Designed for use in conjunction with Fume Extraction System

Duty Cycle:
Gas: CO2 - 250A / 60%
Argon and Mixes - 220A / 60%

Wire: 0.60 to 1.0mm


Ready with connection to the Exhaust System;
Reduced weight for operator;
Long handle, with swivel bracket, compatible with short, medium and long triggers;
Various models of aluminum exhaust nozzles, tapered or inverted for different applications;
Equipped with exhaust control;
Optional welding tips for hard-to-reach places;
Constructed to facilitate maintenance;
Air Cooled


Closed or poorly ventilated environments, adequate to the safety standard of work;
Industry in general;
Work with Solid Wires, Tubular, Aluminum and Stainless Steel.

Gas - Currents (A) / Duty Cycle (%):
CO2 - 250A / 60% - Argon and Mixes - 220A / 60%

Wires (mm):
0.60mm to 1.00mm

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