Sumig 360: why is it important to choose a partner and not just a supplier?


When purchasing a new equipment for manufacturing, companies make a choice that goes well beyond the purchase moment. Some industrial products are considered capital goods and last for decades within a factory. The chosen company to supply these items need to be chosen with caution, since the relationship with this supplier will continue to exist when the customer needs maintenance and other technical services.

Thinking of this constant partnership with customers, Sumig has launched the Sumig 360 initiative. Created to provide after-sales services, the program meets a variety of business needs and offer complete solutions to the market. Sumig 360 services include preventive maintenance (robotics products and welding machines), corrective maintenance (robotic welding cells and automated plasma cutting system), training, consulting on robotic welding and assistance on programming and parameterization.

When it comes to acquiring a capital asset, it is important that companies look for a partner and not just a supplier. It is essential for managers to evaluate how long this brand exists in the market and what credibility it has conquered over the years. Sumig has been operating for 38 years and is responsible for providing services that justify the investment made by our customers.  


Sumig 360 has a specific team for the program

Our customer receives the service from a specific sales team of the program. Based on constant satisfaction surveys, Sumig realized that the three factors that most matters to companies are: availability of technicians, quality of service and efficiency in service. The Sumig 360 is specially set by these customer preferences.

Sumig's technicians also offers specialized inquiries for each situation within the program. In recent years, even with the economic recession, this company team has not diminished. In instead, the technical staff has gradually increased, reinforcing that the high standard of customer service continues to be maintained at Sumig.

Learn more about all the services offered by the Sumig 360 program.


by Fábio Tiburi | Robotics Director

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